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Swish can only perform password-based and keyboard-interactive authentication?. Also, as it can't yet authenticate a host's key it will blindly connect to any host you specify - *watch out*!

There is no 64-bit build yet as I don't have a 64-bit machine to test it on. If you do and are so inclined, feel free to try building Swish from source yourself (it's not hard, at least on 32-bit machines) and let me know if any changes are needed.

Future releases

I'm trying to work on tasks roughly in order of usefulness so after that I hope to focus on accessing the contents of the files. Security nuts won't like this but I think accessing your data is more useful to the average user than being able to authenticate the remote host's key, for instance. This and other features will follow though, in due course.

Feature summary

  • File-system browsing
  • Simple password authentication
  • Keyboard-interactive authentication
  • Cached connections to the server
  • File and folder renaming
  • Deletion File and folder deletion
  • Copying files from a remote server
  • Copying files to a remote server

Still to do

  • Direct 'double-click' access to files
  • Modifying files on the server
  • Public-key authentication
  • Host-key verification (aka known_hosts?).

Supported Operating Systems


Not sure about Windows 7 but try it if you like, likewise for any 64-bit Windows.

See Supported Operating Systems for more information.


Internet Explorer 5.5 or greater (may work with 5.01 but required SHRegGetPath() function seems broken).

For Windows 9x, the  Microsoft Layer for Unicode (MSLU, aka Unicows).

If you want to build Swish yourself, see Build Requirements for more information.